you need
  • - the legal name of the organization, which will be sent a letter;
  • - postal address of the organization, and email address;
  • - full name of the organization.
Arrange the cover page, enter your contact details: postal address, email address, contact telephone number, fax number and other contact information, if any.Smartly decorated cover sheet pre-arrange the letters to your destination.
Make a brief summary of the application.Describe the issue in its essence and summary of your treatment, omitting details.State the purpose of treatment, select the name of the organization to which applying.Enter the desired results and future prospects of the treatment, which had been counted, giving this letter - application .
Set out the reasons that prompted you to apply to such an m to the organization - without unnecessary tragedy, exaggerations and attempts to cause zhalos.Do not forget to describe the events in the business style of communication, do not distort the facts and specify the text of only those details that are relevant to the case.
Describe in detail the problem, possible solutions, which depends on a positive review of your application, and prospective solutions to problems faced.If letter -zayavka has investments, further specify what information is presented to them, and for what purpose.For example, it may be a block diagrams, tables, statistics and reports, articles from reputable sources.
At the end of the letter include your last name, first name and patronymic, near reassure letter signature and write the date of dispatch.