you need
  • - form cards;
  • - printing.
you can fill in the card by hand, black, blue ink or by computer.Samples signatures made in his own form, facsimile signature is not allowed.
right to sign may belong to the first face of the company - its director or any person authorized by power of attorney.The right of the second signature, as a rule, has the chief accountant of the organization or a person authorized to keep accounting records.It is not always just a director and an accountant endowed with the right to sign, it may be founders of the company.
samples of signatures are placed in the presence of a notary or an authorized representative of the bank.If the signature assures a bank representative, the circuit operates as follows: determine the identit
y of persons specified in the card, their powers on the basis of constituent documents.In confirmation of the signatures persons specified in the card, bank officer filled the "place for certifying text on the testimony of the authenticity of signatures ".
In the case of addition of new signatures , replace the surname, name and patronymic of the persons mentioned in the card, or if changing the name of the organization, its organizational and legal form, the bank should be given a new card.You also need to provide documents that confirm the authority of the persons mentioned in the card and identification documents.
If the change in the bank account number is required by law, the bank can itself change the data in the fields "number of the bank account" and "Stamp Bank" card.If the right of first and second signature granted to persons other than those indicated in the card, it is necessary to provide a temporary card.