At the top of a sheet of A4 size in the center line, specify the full name of the organization in accordance with the Charter of the Company.If the company has approved the form below for business letters and documents - use it copying the "cap".If necessary, write down the legal and f act -diffraction addresses, phone, fax, e-mail.
With the new line write the name of the letter "Act № __ refusal of the receipt."Below, specify the place and date of issue: city, day, month and the current year.
the text part act and record the name, initials and title of the originator, and enter information about the involved witnesses.They can act as personnel officers or employees of the department in which the number of the person who does not accep
t the documents.To compile act and attract at least two witnesses, and to avoid unpleasant disputes with the Commission to resolve labor disputes pick for the role of disinterested witnesses and informed persons.
Specify the date of transfer of the document in his hands.If necessary, specify the time and place of action.List the name, number, date of issue of the document, which refuses to accept the employee.Specify the documents to make demands of transmission: orders approved standards, regulations, Articles of Association and other organizations. Reflect in act e failure oral explanations employee.If he refuses to receive the document without explanation, make relevant record.
If necessary, describe further manipulation of the document, which was left in the hands of personnel officers how and where it will be kept a copy of how it will be sent by mail, who will be responsible for further storage andpossible transfer to third parties.
Put a signature of the originator and witness preparation.Transcribe initials and positions.If the employee does not accept a document, refuses to sign this act , make a note and make it his signature and witnesses.