you need
  • - the sales contract;
  • - estate plan approved Rosreestra;
  • - registration of ownership of non-residential property.
On the stage of the purchase of non-residential premises, make sure that the seller is the legal owner of the property, or the official representative of the owner.Otherwise, you as the buyer face deprivation of property purchased by the courts.As they say, trust but verify.A number of law firms can help you to check the history of ownership - of debt, number of owners, etc.
living area must comply with the Housing Code."Housing" must be suitable for permanent residence (not only in the summer as summer cottages), to be detached and to have access to public spaces (kitchen, toilet, bathroom).If your non-residential premises do not meet these req
uirements, you must first carry out repairs of the premises.
Register ownership of non-residential property - a document which is not required under the legislation of the Russian Federation, but it is the de facto necessary in the design of most of the documents.Making the right property, you can either administrative Rosreestra or in court - in the nearest Magistrate's Court.Imagine the sales document stating that you are the owner of non-residential premises to the appropriate authority.In Rosreestra when paying extra charges for "urgency" can issue documents within five calendar days.
With the package of documents, including a bill of sale, a plan of non-residential premises and the registration of property rights, you should contact the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI).It was this commission ultimately should recognize whether your non-residential premises right to be living.