Determination wear is necessary to account for the difference between the new and valued.Depreciation refers to the loss of certain qualities, therefore, the higher it is, the lower the price of the building.Percentage wear is a set of measurements of different parameters building .There are physical, functional and external aspect of determining the level of aging buildings .
Physical deterioration is unavoidable and avoidable.Fatal problems are in the construction or building foundation , which is due to complete its aging.Fatal wear stronger effect on the final cost.It exceeds the price that can be added to the building by any parameters.Disposable, in turn, more profitable to repair than to replace.Physical deterioration is determined as a percentage of afte
r examining the structural elements of the building .If the wear is about 10%, it is a near perfect record, while 80% wear indicates an emergency condition.
After determining the physical deterioration of the function should be defined that points to any obsolete parameters building - for example, an outdated type of wiring, outdated plumbing, outdated layout.Visual inspection of the building , which takes place on the basis of a comparison with the more modern buildings of the same type.
Outer wear is determined on the basis of location and can largely affect the price.When compared to other buildings building stands, is less advanced than its surrounding, the cost is dramatically reduced.There are many examples where the cost of building almost equal to the cost of land because of the deterioration of the external .It may include partly the same physical and functional parameters of the aging structure.