To calculate how much can cost your apartment , you need to know its yardage.This is the main component of the price of living space.
know the exact yardage from your apartment can be a certificate of ownership.Even where the owners have given much living space.The fact is that if you own only part of the apartment, then for its sale requires the consent of all interested parties.Otherwise, you will be able to tender only your square footage.
Next you need to identify the benefits of selling the apartment.This will help to find a more accurate value of your property.
closer to the city center, the higher the cost per square meter.Especially appreciated the quiet streets of the Stalinist building, away from noisy highways.
Cost per square meter in homes built in the last decade, slightly higher than its price in buildings older.
If next to your house - developed infrastructure: a school, a clinic, a kindergarten, a shop - it increases the cost of the apartment.
very important as accessibility.If your living space is located next to the subway, its value increases instantly.
But also in remote areas has its advantages.It is possible that your apartment the couple is interested retirees who want to live away from the city noise.
If the apartment is renovated, has all the necessary furniture and built-in appliances, windows replaced with plastic, it will cost more not renovated housing.
apartments on the first and last floors sell cheaper than others.This rule does not affect only the penthouses in the luxury buildings.
recorded on a sheet of the pros and cons of your living space, try to find in the Internet announcement of the sale of apartments with similar parameters.Look at a few messages.So you will know the approximate price for your accommodation.
If this is not enough and you want to know the price of the apartment to the penny, contact the real estate agency.Experts in the field will appreciate the benefits of your living space and will announce it to you real value.