Buy a newspaper advertisement, or go to the website that is hosting the latest information about the exchange of real estate.Pick several options.
an ad in a newspaper to sell an apartment or place it on the Internet.Choose several options for houses that you would like to buy with the money raised from the sale of the apartment.
Contact the owner of the house.Find out all necessary information about the location of the house, its condition, the availability of communications.Specifically provided to the master of the house the size of a possible surcharge on your part or on the part of the estate of the owner of your future (if you decide to enter into a contract of barter).
If you decide to sell your first apartment, and then later buy a house, first co
ntact with the customer and pre-discuss all the nuances of the future transaction.
Inspect your future home, referring to the cadastral plan of the site and floor plan of the house.Check the communications and functional qualities.Ask the owner to submit other documents (certificate of ownership, receipts for paid utility services, the inquiry about absence of debt, resulting in a tax inspection).If possible, try to slightly reduce the size of the surcharge in the event that you have to pay extra.If you buy a home, pay attention to host its shortcomings (if indeed they have one), and try to bargain.Try to get all the information about the owners of houses located on adjacent sites.
conclude with the owner of the house pre-barter or buying and selling homes.The agreement is required to specify the size of additional payments (in the exchange), and the final cost of the house.Despite the fact that you have to pay a registration fee of 2% on the amount of additional payments upon notary transaction, bringing the conditions in the agreement will strengthen your right (or right to the house owner) to receive it on time.In the case of buying a home, you'll need to pass the home owner a small advance, the amount of which should also be specified in the contract.Take the owner of the house receipt of its receipt.
conclude the final contract of barter or purchase and sale of a notary.After registration, contact the FRS for its registration.Has paid the former landlord under the terms of the agreement.You get within one month certificate of ownership.