If in the process of privatization of the real estate the child will be included in the privatization contract, it will become the owner of the apartment on a par with adult family members.He can not rightfully to its new acquisition of majority control, but without his participation will be impossible to make any transactions with the property.
also the reason for registration of ownership of real estate on a child can inherit.And it should bear in mind that the objects of private property are not only apartments, houses, and shops, industrial buildings, property complexes.If the deceased did not leave the owner of his will, the distribution is in accordance with the law, and children are included in the first inheritance along wit
h their parents and spouses.If there is a will of inheritance order of distribution is in accordance with this document.
property can also give your child not only relatives, but also the owner of any object.Even a child can act as a buyer.Sometimes this method of registration of property rights on the minor used to subsequently avoid the formalities to obtain the inheritance, as well as eliminate the possibility of partition of real estate and claims from other heirs.
parents, if they are divorced or on the verge of a breakup can arrange an apartment for your child to create obstacles to the disposition of property by the other spouse.
But whatever way no matter what happens to the real estate registration of the child, all subsequent operations are carried out his legal guardian and only with the permission of the guardianship.Thus, the violation of the rights of the minor minimized.