you need
  • - Loop location in the room,
  • - sign,
  • - reliable suppliers of goods.
to open the store you need to select the room that you can either rent or purchase property.Also require investments in lighting, equipment and upgrading of the store.
on the location of the store depends on its profitability should be a large cross people.The main feature of the discount store is a wide choice of goods and minimal presentation.It is worth considering what to do incredible prices is unlikely to succeed, because then the costs will simply not pay off.
Store name plays an important role, should not hang a sign that says "Discount Store".You must cho
ose a resounding, arouses curiosity, extraordinary and enticing visitors name.Most people prefer shops with foreign names.
Then you should choose a company supplying goods to a discount store.Well, if the company is large and has established itself in this market, there will be no disruption to supplies and other related problems.
when purchasing goods in bulk is usually given an additional discount.
at discount stores do not need excess, for example in the form of instruction in a number of dummies.It must match the mentality of the customers and the level of prices of goods sold to buyers do not hesitate to go to the store and choose the goods safely.
Another advantage of this type of business is self-service, do not have to hire a staff of people and pay them wages.
All merchandise before sale must be trained - inspection for damage and defects, then it is possible to put a price.The most reasonable mark-up on goods sold to 100-130%, sometimes part of the stale goods have to be sold at cost or below.
constant updating of assortment, buyers, procurement is carried out not less than once every 5-7 days.