first point - it is a choice location.Competition in the market is quite high, so the location of your company will largely depend on its success.The room must be located either in the central area with high traffic, or on the territory of a large shopping center.In the center is usually located many shops of fabrics, and to get to this studio convenient.As for shopping centers, their visitors will often refer to your services by fitting clothes on a figure, or repair of products.For example, in shopping centers are often located showrooms wedding fashion, wedding dresses and almost always require adjustment on growth.
Area depends on the scope of your business. small studio can be accommodated in the space of 25 square meters, and a large enterprise with a sewing workshop would require the area to 70 sq.m.Please note that the room should be divided into the reception area of ​​customer fitting and clothes.
Another important point - it is recruiting.For a small company initially you will need to hire two seamstresses and a cutter.It is better to hire a seamstress wide profile, which will be cut as the men's and women's clothing, summer, winter clothes and so on.Seamstresses should have sufficient expertise to repair the quality clothes and sew new things.Many professionals prefer to work from home, so you will need to win them a good salary.Many studio wage piecework - workers receive a certain percentage of each order (from 30 to 40%).
next stage - the purchase of equipment.To open studio you will need to buy a few sewing machines, zakroyny table, serger, mannequins, hangers, iron and ironing board.In the first phase you can buy household equipment class, as it will be cheaper.However, professional sewing machines allow you to work more efficiently, in addition, they will last you much longer.Do not forget to purchase for your studio supplies (zippers, buttons, thread, etc) and sewing tools (needles, scissors, patterns, etc.).
And finally, for the success of the studio need to provide it with the bright conspicuous sign, as well as an advertising campaign.You can place the information on niche sites, catalogs, printed manuals.You can also paste up ads on the nearby entrances and bus stops.