Read this week encyclopedia for beginners physicists.Such books are educational in nature.They are well illustrated.They are fun facts, tells the story.The task of reading - to plunge into a new world for you.Therefore, it is necessary to read the thick book very quickly.No matter how many will be able to remember.
Read the biography of the famous physicist.Usually famous people are very passionate about their work.With such interesting people to communicate, no matter what they were doing.Read the biography of very quickly.You have to feel the love of the man for his work, his dedication to his happiness from school physics.A part of th
is state and go at you.
Read this week all the paragraphs of the textbook belonging to one branch of physics.You got a good attitude, and now move closer to real life.Read the section of physics, which is now going through the lessons.It may be "Electricity" or "Magnetism", or something else.Now is not the goal is to remember all the formulas.You have to understand a general sense.
Examine the first paragraph of the desired section of the textbook.To catch up with the program, you have to start over.Earlier, you looked at physics as if from above, without going into details.Now, remember the formula, concrete facts and principles.
Solve your own problem, which dealt in the 1st paragraph.These are tasks which were detailed.Close the book and choose them yourself.Then check the text.If something is missing, repeat again.
Solve household tasks to this paragraph.They are solved by analogy with the already dismantled.If there are problems, ask for help from classmates.You will have to understand everything perfectly.
Repeat again from the 4th step for the other sections.Do this until you catch up with the program.