Production of copper sulfate (II)

CuSO₄ - a white crystalline powder, soluble in water.When interacting with moist air or water forms a crystalline copper sulfate (copper sulfate (II)), more commonly known as bluestone CuSO₄ • 5H₂O.Therefore, when receiving hydroxide actually participates not pure copper sulphate and its hydrated.Add to this a solution of alkali (eg NaOH) and observe the effect of the reaction:

CuSO₄ + 5H₂O + 2NaOH = Na₂SO₄ + Cu (OH) ₂ ↓ + 5 H₂O.

When adding a proportional amount of the solution was discolored, and the resulting copper hydroxide precipitates in the form of blue precipitate.This solution may be involved in a qualitative reactions to proteins.
Production of copper nitrate (II)

Cu (NO₃) ₂ - a colorless crystalline substance.Enters into reaction with a strong base.Perform hydroxide production reaction of the salts can, adding NaOH to a solution of colorless crystals of copper nitrate (II).The result is a colorless solution of sodium nitrate and hydroxide precipitate copper (II) blue:

Cu (NO₃) ₂ + 2NaOH = Cu (OH) ₂ ↓ + 2NaNO₃.
Production of copper chloride (II)

CuCl₂ - under normal conditions is a powder of yellow or yellow-brown color.It is soluble in water.Pour into a tube of copper chloride and add an equivalent amount of alkali.Yellow crystals disappear and the blue precipitate is formed.If necessary, select a substance from the solution, the residue strain and dry.Do not use vysokotermicheskie kinds of drying, asat a temperature close to 100 ° C, Cu (OH) ₂ decomposes to copper oxide (II) and water:

CuCl₂ + 2NaOH = 2NaCl + Cu (OH) ₂ ↓.
Production of copper acetate (II)

(CH₃COO) ₂Cu - the substance is dark green in color, soluble in water.When dissolved the solution had turned blue in color.The calculated amount of alkali add to a solution of copper acetate (II) and observe the formation of hydroxide (amorphous blue precipitate):

(CH₃COO) ₂Cu + 2NaOH = Cu (OH) ₂ ↓ + CH₃COONa.Since

solutions of salts of copper (II) are painted blue or blue color, the discoloration reaction solution followed by deposition of a colored precipitate look very impressive.