you need
  • Table density of matter with the values ​​recorded in the SI system.
Learn density of the mixture, product or material whose volume in liters, you want to calculate.To find the required quantity using the table of densities.Tables are given the density of matter in the physical directories and textbooks on physics.There are also online table of densities.Many tables contain not only data about the density of the material but also data on the densities of common materials, of mixtures of food.Use search engines (eg, ) to find the values ​​of the density.
Find the volume of the mixture, product or substance in cubic meters.To do this, you divide the known value of the mass in kilograms by the density of the density of the table.The density in the table should be given in SI units.It is a system of measures adopted as a standard in modern physics.For this reason the vast majority tables density values ​​are given in kilograms per cubic meter.
Calculate the required volume, expressed in liters.To do this, multiply the amount obtained in the previous step 1000. In calculating the volume of a substance of known mass using density values, expressed in SI units, the value obtained, expressed in cubic meters.One cubic meter is equivalent to a thousand liters.That is why in 1000 the factor used to convert the value of cubic meters per liter .