should say at once that the official science to the existence of the soul as a whole is very skeptical.Therefore, attempts to prove or disprove the reality of it is mainly undertaken by enthusiasts, with the results of their research whenever subjected to serious criticism.

main reason for such skepticism about the official science to the study of the soul is that its very existence as a kind of immaterial immortal essence is beyond the scope of scientific knowledge.The problem is that intangible fixed by the material instruments is impossible, and the science used to trust only what you can measure, the existence of which can be proved on the basis of rigorous scientific approach.

Evidence of the existence of the soul

Since the soul can not be studied
by direct scientific methods are indirect.The most well-known phenomenon, proving the existence of the soul, was the so-called post-mortem experience.Those derived from the state of clinical death, very often tell amazing stories about how they came out of the body and saw everything that was happening there.They describe in detail the actions of doctors who were trying to rescue them, the interior details.Some of the time spent outside the body time to visit other cities with their relatives.

Many of those doctors literally snatched from the jaws of death, talk about the light tunnel by which they carried away somewhere.Some have met with dead relatives.The vast majority of people who lived through the experience of the post-mortem, saying that they did not want to come back.

As a science refers to those reports?With a grain of salt.Many scientists believe that all this is not proof of the existence of life after death - and hence the existence of the soul.Light Tunnel scientists explain the decay of activity areas of the brain responsible for vision.The fact that many people found themselves outside the body and clearly saw all that was happening around him, just not taken into account.In an extreme case, all charged to hallucinations.

Where is human consciousness?

question of where the mind, the soul has to study very relevant.The consciousness, apparently, belongs to the soul.It is very important that scientists have not managed to find the parts of the brain responsible for consciousness.Moreover, many serious neuroscientists have suggested that consciousness is outside the brain.

In particular, the Dutch physiologist recently came to the conclusion that consciousness exists even after the brain ceases to function.This is also writing and director of the Institute of Human Brain Natalya spondylitis.The result of years of research it has become a full belief in the existence of life after death - and therefore the soul.

studies proving the existence of an immortal soul, with each year becomes more and more.Their descriptions are already starting to appear in major international scientific journals.It is quite natural - the true scientist can not deny the facts, even if they are contrary to his view of the world.Therefore, there is no doubt that the attempts to prove the existence of the soul enthusiasts scientific methods will continue.