energy conservation law

In fact, the first law of thermodynamics - this is a special case of the law of conservation of energy.I do this kind of law is familiar and understandable to almost everyone: the energy does not appear and does not disappear, but simply transferred from one species to another.Interestingly, the first law of thermodynamics, though a final and totally proven, has a slightly different wording.But, believe me, there is no contradiction.Just each of them explains the essence of the law a little bit differently.Let us examine them all, because it will help to better understand the content of the law.

Formulation 1

In an isolated thermodynamic system the sum of all forms of energy is constant.

where everything seems to be clear.By analogy with the law of conservation of energy, can be explained first law o
f thermodynamics is very simple: if the system is closed, no energy from it do not go out and do not come, and the total amount does not change them, which would not occur in the processes.There is also a similar wording, which states that the emergence of energy or destruction impossible.

Formulation 2

Any form of movement can and must be converted to any other form of movement.

agree, somewhat philosophically.However, it also reflects the essence of the first law of thermodynamics.If the energy is not going away and can not come out of nowhere, in the system there is a constant transformation of one energy to another.Though in this interpretation it is a form of motion, the essence does not change.The movement of the body, molecule or particle flow may also be considered as subjects of law.

By the way, the first law of thermodynamics states also that the existence of a perpetual motion machine of the first kind (that is, existing without interference) is impossible in principle.Sometimes it is also considered an independent formulation of the law.The reason is the same - there is no energy of its own.


So, summarizing all of the above, we can derive a simple interpretation of the first law of thermodynamics.No system can not exist (ie, to perform any work), without informing her a certain amount of energy.

By the way, the first thermodynamic law is famous for the fact that it is often interpreted by philosophers and theosophists, applying concepts of physics is very far away.Well, every theory has a right to exist.The more that people - the exact same system like any other.