What are the types of roots

Plants differ mainly, adventitious and lateral roots.When the seed germinates of it first develops the embryonic root, which later became the main root.In the stems and leaves of some plants grow adventitious roots.From the main and adventitious roots may extend well laterally.

root systems

All the roots of the plant are added to the root system, which is the core and fibrous.The core system, the main root developed stronger than the others and recalls the rod, and he fibrous underdeveloped or sooner dies.The first is most common in dicots, the second - for monocots.However, the main root is usually well defined only in young dicotyledonous plants, and the old is gradually dying out, giving way to the adventitious roo
ts grow from the stem.

How deep roots lie

depth of the roots in the soil depends on the growing conditions of the plant.Wheat roots, for example, in dry fields grow by 2.5 m, and irrigated - not more than half a meter.However, in the latter case, the root system is more dense.

tundra plants themselves stunted and their roots because of the permafrost are concentrated at the surface.Dwarf birch, for example, they are located at a depth of about 20 cm high.The roots of desert plants, on the contrary, very long - you need to reach groundwater.For example, barnyard grass leafless roots in the soil of 15 m.

Modifications roots

to adapt to environmental conditions the roots of some plants mutated and acquired additional functions.Thus, the roots of radish, beets, turnips, rutabagas and turnips, formed mainly roots and lower parts of the stem, stockpile nutrients.Thickening of lateral and adventitious roots in Chistyakov and dahlia tubers become root.The roots of the ivy-slinging at helping the plant attached to a support (wall, wood) and bring leaves to the light.

Adventitious roots in the trunks and branches of a number of tropical trees grow to the land and serve the plant props.Available hang down aerial roots of orchids and others living on the trunks and branches of trees, plants, absorbing rainwater.Respiratory brittle willow roots, growing in marshy shores, and grow vertically, reaching the surface to absorb oxygen.The body of other plants are able to penetrate the roots of parasitic plants - mistletoe and dodder.