you need
  • glass jar or a glass
  • Wire
  • Thread
  • Distilled water
  • stock salt.Transparent crystals obtained from a simple salt.You can also get colored crystals: the bright blue of copper sulfate and purple from hromokalievyh alum.One can take, and other water-soluble salts, such as different colored alum.The amount of salt depends on its solubility in water.The more readily soluble salt, the more it required.
dissolved in a glass of water as much as possible the amount of salt you choose to grow a crystal.To do this, pour the salt in the water, stirring constantly, until the salt stops dissolving.
solubility of the salts is significantly increased when the temperature rises, so to get more intense the salt concentration in the solution, it n
eeds to be heated.To do this, a glass with a solution of salt in a pot of warm water, to get the effect of the water bath.With the gradual heating of a mixture of salt should be completely dissolved.
Now pour the solution into a jar or a glass of thick glass, and drop to the same crystal salt, tied on a string.Threads fix on a jumper wire.This crystal will act as a "primer" on which to settle the salt from the solution, gradually growing into a crystal.
glass with a salt solution put in a warm place.Now you need to be patient - do not move the vessel with a solution of a place, do not turn and do not lift it.Even a slight shake of the solution will lead to rapid crystallization and autonomous system.Within three days on a string appears crystal, which will gradually increase.
When your chip will be large enough to remove it from the solution, blot with a napkin, cut the excess thread.To the crystal has not disappeared in the air and will not warp, cover it with the edge clear colorless varnish.