Mal diode so interesting

discovery of this effect is due to the wide interest of both scientists and amateur enthusiasts.But if science rather quickly convinced of dead-end research in this direction, then hotheads electrical fans is naturally in no way convinced.

Anyone found in a number of LEDs stocks, decided to try their luck in this field.Why LEDs?Simply they are already ahead of time, collected all that is needed for the experiment.

Semiconductor couple with a strictly defined range of excitation lens and wires to connect.Just wonderful research base.The result of exposure to sunlight the LED is the appearance of the potential difference of the order of 0.7 V. However, you must make a reservation that the strength of the current it almost does not go, because it is vanishingly small.

solution that pushes traditional logic is extremely simple.It suffices to increase the potential difference, and then just now ... then usually in this case does not occur, and the problem is that as the assembly of such modules is not the voltage increases in proportion.

contrast, more loss increases at the contacts, and, furthermore, a part of the LEDs, instead of consuming light to generate electricity, it may consume themselves start and emit light.

method of combating this effect is not there.Thus, there is still no real action device to generate electricity with the help of LEDs has not managed to create, despite numerous attempts and experiments.

Yet solar panels

Solar panels today are not uncommon.They are already widespread in the West and in our country.They are commercially available in large quantities and have a satisfactory technical data.

collected on a single aluminum frame solar panels have a capacity of 10 to 300 watts, and are focused on their use as a power source for charging.

To obtain the required voltage and required power, solar cells collected in special bags.

The advantages of solar should include durability - more than fifteen years.High resistance to cyclic operation, and no need maintenance.