volcanic emissions can be divided into lava, where there are practically no loose pyroclastic products and blasting, followed by sudden rock and ash.The main types of emissions from volcanic eruption are lava fragments, ash and gases.


most famous product is the lava of volcanic activity, which consists of compounds of silicon, aluminum and other metals.Interestingly, in the composition of the lava can be found all the elements of the periodic table, but the bulk of its weight of silica.

By their nature, lava - a red-hot magma that flowed from the crater of a volcano on the surface of the earth.When you exit to the surface composition of the magma changes slightly under the influence of atmospheric factors.The gases that go along with the magma and blended with it, give the lava
bubble structure.

Lava effluent in width from 4 to 16 meters. The average temperature is 1000 ° C lava, it destroys everything that comes her way.

debris and ash

the eruption debris thrown up, which is also called pyroclastic debris, or tephra.The largest pyroclastic fragments are volcanic bombs, which are formed by ejection of liquid products, solidifying in the air.Fragments of the size of a pea to walnut belongs to the lapilli and material smaller than 0.4 cm to ashes.

fine particles of volcanic dust and hot gas distributed at a speed of 100 km / h.They are so red-hot that glow in the dark.Ash flows are distributed in a huge radius, sometimes they cross the hills and waters.


The eruption is accompanied by the release of gases that include hydrogen, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.In contain minor amounts of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, methane, hydrofluoric acid, boron, bromine acid, mercury vapor, and a slight amount of metals, semimetals, and some noble metals.

Gases emitted from the crater of the volcano, have a kind of white steam.When a gas is mixed tephra, clubs gases are black or gray.

In the area of ​​the volcanic eruption spreads a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide.For example, the smell of the volcano Soufriere Hill on the island of Montserrat extends in a radius of 100 km.

small selection of gases in volcanic areas may last for years.This volcanic gases are poisonous.Sulphur dioxide, mixing with the rain flows, forms sulfuric acid.Fluorine contained in the gases, the water poisons.