Traditionally in the natural sciences include physics, chemistry and biology.These general discipline, in turn, are divided into a number of individual sciences, which became the object of study different forms of matter in motion.There are fundamental science that focus on the development of theoretical positions as well as applied discipline, focused on solving practical problems.
Natural stood out from other areas of knowledge in the Middle Ages.It then became possible to describe the results of the study of nature by means of precise and rigorous mathematical language.The focus is gradually set up an experiment which, if desired, can be repeated, checking calculations of researchers.Today, experimental studies are the
main source of knowledge about nature and its peculiarities.
For several centuries ago, science has become a very serious impact on the world of humanity.The experimental results showed that the natural phenomena based on objective processes that do not depend on the will of incorporeal divine forces and the laws of the material world.The natural sciences have been and continue to be the basis for the formation of the materialist worldview.
science of nature in the modern world have become the basis for the development of the productive forces of civilization.Applied research in the field of chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, geology and other natural sciences lay the foundation for the design of engineering systems to facilitate the development of nature.Almost all the current appliances to some extent uses public in the natural sciences phenomena and effects.
One of the remaining functions of the natural sciences today - unification and systematization of information obtained in the course of observations and experiments.On the basis of scientific knowledge forms the basis for the development of many of the humanities.For example, the data gleaned from biology and physiology, became the basis for the formation of psychological concepts explaining human behavior and social groups.
The focus of scientific knowledge are objects of nature: various forms of existence of matter, biological life, the man, the Earth and other space objects, the whole boundless universe.Increased knowledge of the material world, which continues to this day, reduce the dependence of mankind from natural phenomena and uncontrolled elements.The next task is to consciously control the phenomena of the material world at all levels, from the microcosm to the distant galaxies.