tallest tree - a giant sequoia or mammoth tree.These fossil trees grew before the Ice Age and today are found only in North America in a very limited quantity.This stems from the large-scale logging.Mamontovo valuable tree that did not rot, and it almost killed him.Today, Sequoia is on the verge of extinction and protected by law.To see these giants may be in the national parks of the United States of America - "Sequoia" and "Redwood".Highest sequoia today has a height of one hundred and thirteen meters with a diameter of eleven meters.In the hollow of the tree can accommodate the whole dance floor or a tennis court, which is pretty hard to imagine.Giant sequoia, like many large trees, a real survivor.Age some instances more than three thousand years, but most of the redwood t
rees, surviving until surpassed this milestone.
Despite the size of redwoods in the thickness of its trunk it is not a competitor of the thickest trees in the world.One of them - a baobab and a Sicilian hundred horse chestnut, but to this day have not reached the largest specimens which exceed fifty meters.They were either destroyed or, as the famous chestnut, broke into several trunks.The thickest tree that came to our days - is a Mexican cypress tree famous Tula.According to legend, the tree was struck even Cortes himself, one of the Spanish conquistadors.The diameter of the giant - forty-two meters, and more than a thousand years of age.It is believed that the tree was planted Tula one of the priests, because the tree grows in the holy land of the Indians.However, later the area was owned by the Catholic Church.
record holder among the easiest trees - a balm cubic meter of wood which weighs one hundred and twenty grams.It is seven times lighter than conventional wood nine times lighter than water, and even twice lighter plug.From this tree they made their boats even Incas, who appreciated the rare properties of balsa.Now it can be found only in the most remote places of the tropical jungle.
In contrast balsa wood so-called stone tree so hard that sinks in water, hence its name.Treat the wood is very hard, but it's worth it: from hard wood makes a variety of decorative crafts of great beauty.