extinguishers - special devices for repayment of fires at an early stage of their development.In large-scale fire extinguisher is not applicable.The history of its invention, is quite interesting.Prototype of extinguisher began widely used in the early eighteenth century.It was then, along with shovels and earth began to use wood barrels, which contains water and alum, was on the cover of the fuse barrel.This wick burned and thrown into the fire site where all this construction exploded, and thus there is a full or partial extinguishing of the fire.
A little later there was another modification of the fire extinguisher, which is a paper box, containing a mixture of sodium hydrogen carbonate, alum, ammonium sulfate, diatomaceous earth and other substan
ces.Inside this device was a cartridge of gunpowder and lead.In the event of a fire ignited cord after removing the protective film, then threw the device into a burning building.A few seconds later there is an explosion, spread the contents of the room and the fire stopped.But because of their dangers these fire extinguishers shall be prohibited.
first fluid extinguishers steel cans began to appear in the early twentieth century.On the outer wall of the cans were air or carbon dioxide.When placed inside the flame extinguishing agents are displaced from the body and thus extinguished the fire.
father of modern fire extinguisher is considered the inventor of the Englishman George Mensbi, it was he who came up with a steel vessel with potassium carbonate as early as 1813.Liquids inventor replaced the powder mass, which blocks access of oxygen, eliminating the possibility of burning.Unlike earlier models, the fire extinguisher is not needed to detonate, since the powder in the flask was pressurized.Mensbi first put the unit shut-off valve by turning that content is released and a fire extinguisher.
After the war began to actively develop the types of powder extinguishers, and some of them had started commercial production.Serial production of powder extinguishers began to develop in the 60 years of the twentieth century.The extinguishing agent in such devices is always under pressure.
substances used in the development of fire extinguishers, were very diverse - this Freon and brometil, and carbon dioxide.It is these substances became the basis for the rapid quenching, which are used in our time.