Animals that live in trees - squirrels, martens, sables, monkeys - use the tail as a balancer and steering when jumping from branch to branch.The tail is rotated in the desired direction, and supports the animal in flight.If skydiving is still the tail parachute.
Petty steppe animal, such as the coney, the tail also helps to maneuver.They can rapidly rotate at high speed, cycling the brush at the end of the tail.Kangaroo use their strong tail as a counterweight in the long jump, and sometimes sit on it as a stool.Tail supports birds in the air, it is dangerous to extinguish flight air turbulence.Furthermore, it is necessary for them during lan
tail can confirm the identity - for example, a raised tail skunk or a lemur.The dog, it expresses the mood and intention actively wagging means joy and location, tail between its legs and talks about a fright or a subordinate.In the cat, everything happens the other way around - an irritated cat waving its tail from side to side.
Some rodents use this body as a store of fat reserves.Jerboa dwarf living in the deserts of Central Asia, and is called - tailed.Before hibernation, he eats and tries hard to accumulate more fat, part of which is deposited in the long tail.Also it comes and tolstohvostaya marsupial dormouse living on the islands of the Australian Archipelago.Known tailed sheep breeds, some individuals rump up to 80 kg.Fish also accumulate fat reserves in the tail.
horses, cows and other hoofed animals distilled tails annoying insects - flies, horseflies, gadflies, boarding them back.In crocodiles and lizards tail serves as a scourge, they are kicking from attacking predators.These huge lizards also use their tails as a weapon in the attack.Powerful tail crocodile knocked down the victim and drags the water.
Some animals got into the teeth of the enemy, shed their tails in order to stay alive.Lizard in a dangerous situation strains the muscles and breaks his spine at the site of the bite.After some time, she grows a new tail.
Male Lyrebird living in Australia, at the sight of a beautiful female dissolve the tail, forming over a silver dome.Boasting such a tail may only adult males - by growing a beauty that takes more than seven years.Peacock during mating dance and dissolve his beautiful tail like a fan in order to attract females.Although, if you find fault, it's not the tail, and the tail lower torso.Lures females, oscillating tail, salamanders - small newts living in the Kuriles.