biggest jellyfish

biggest jellyfish, scientists at the open today, is a giant Arctic jellyfish, better known as "Tsianeya hairy" or "lion's mane".The length of its tentacles can reach 37 meters, it is comparable to the size of a ten-home, the diameter of its dome is two and a half meters.Latin names of jellyfish - Cyanea capillata, Cyanea arctica, which in translation sounds like "blue-haired Medusa" or "Arctic jellyfish."

There are two species of jellyfish: Cuanea lamarckii, which in translation sounds like "Blue tsianeya" and Cuanea capillata nozakii - «Sea tsianeya."However, both are inferior to the size of its "cousin."

size of the largest jellyfish

By its dimensions Arctic tsianeya can easily compete with the most representative fauna of the ocean - the Blue whale, which can
reach a weight of 180 tons, the length - about thirty meters.

In 1865, in the area of ​​the North Atlantic coast of the United States in the Gulf of Massachusetts, was thrown out of the sea a huge jellyfish.Its length is 37 meters and the diameter of the dome was 2 m 29 cm. This specimen is the largest of all, whose dimensions have been formally documented.


tsianeya chosen by Arctic cold and moderately cold waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific.Its populations are found off the coast of the Australian continent, but most of all representatives of this type of jellyfish lives in the basins of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as in ice-free waters of the Arctic.The mild climate of warm seas is not for the benefit of cyan, its population is either absent or very rare.

structure and color

in color of the body's largest jellyfish dominated by reddish and brown tones.In older specimens the edge of the dome has a red color, and at the top of a yellowish color prevails.Medusa smaller painted in light orange or light-brown tone.

sticky tentacles cyan collected in 8 groups.Each of them contains 60-150 feelers arranged in rows.With the help of these jellyfish paralyze their prey by injecting venom into the body production.Hunting jellyfish prefer groups of several individuals at once, as if to form a huge network of tentacles, which in addition to small fish gets plankton and many invertebrates.

danger to human

Burn, left by tsianeey not life-threatening, though, and is quite sensitive and allergic reactions.Pain can last up to 8-10 hours, sometimes longer.