Indeed, no community of living organisms did not cause such harm to nature and the environment, as a human community.Human activity over the past decade has been so devastating that we can talk about the present ecological crisis, in which there is a question of the survival of the cheloveka.No not be confused ecology and environmental protection.The object of Applied Ecology is the entire biosystem as a whole, with all its constituent communities of living beings.Its subsections, such as ecology of animals, fish, plants, insects and even fungi.New directions of this science, studying the social component - the interaction between society and nature.Of great interest is such direction as industrial ecology.The object of her study of the impact of th
e results of slalom human industrial activity and the damage they cause to the environment.It predicts industrial ecology are detrimental to humanity are linked to air pollution, the greenhouse effect and the loss of contaminated sediments.This science has proven a direct relationship between the destruction of the biosphere and the deteriorating health of lyudey.Osnovnoy task of scientists working in this area is to develop methods and technologies, recommendations, making rational use of natural resources and minimize the damage that man inflicts environment when dobyche.EkologiIt warns that any human impact, positive or negative, on the environment, entails the same change in all ecosystems, its components.Therefore, any destructive effect boomerang back to the person and his health is reflected in the most disastrous obrazom.V pursuit of profit, people destroy the Earth's biosphere, so the basics of environmental awareness should be taught from an early age.You also need to tighten control over the activities of large and small industrial companies and businesses that their thoughtless actions and greed destroy all life on our planet.