Uniform motion - it's just kind of movement.To body moving uniformly, its velocity should be the same at any time.You could say in another way: the acceleration of the body at any time equal zero.If all this body goes the same distance for the same period of time, called the uniform linear motion.

path and moving

by naming the path length at which the moving body for a certain period of time.Move the assumed distance between the start and end point of the trajectory.Often these concepts are confused, but they refer to quite different distances.Path - a scalar quantity, and movement - vector.The module of the displacement vector will be equal to the segment that connects the start and end point of the trajectory.

speed of uniform motion

Speed ​​of uniform motion - is the vector
unit which can be easily calculated by a formula known since elementary school.It is the ratio of the path traveled by the body, the time during which the path has been traversed.

important to remember that the uniform motion of the direction of the velocity vector must always match the direction of motion.It should not be a uniform circular motion and any curve trajectory.It follows that path and moving in such a motion must be the same.This is easily seen in practice.

Dormancy can also be attributed to the uniform motion, as the body for the same period of time passes equal to the distance (in this case they will simply be equal to zero).

Distance traveled in uniform motion will consist of two components: the initial position and the work rate of the body at the time of his movements.

Charts uniform motion

If you plot the change of velocity with time for uniform motion, turns a line parallel to the x-axis.The area of ​​the rectangle under this schedule is numerically equal to the length of the path traveled by the body in a given time.Indeed, the area of ​​a rectangle is the product of its sides (in this case the product of the rate at the time).

plot the distance traveled by the time you can find the speed with which the body moves.The graph is a straight line drawn from the origin.The slope of this line with respect to the x-axis (time axis) is the desired modulus of the velocity vector.The greater the slope of the linear graph, the body has a greater speed.