Many mistakenly called burning fire, but it is wrong.In fact, a fire - only one stage of combustion.Speaking more specifically - a physical phenomenon considering gases and plasma in the aggregate.Thus the reason for their allocation may be different - a chemical reaction or explosion, ignition of combustible materials in the presence of an oxidant.One of the main characteristics of fire - its high capacity for self-propagation in appropriate conditions.But in some cases, for example during burning chemicals, flame completely absent.
To fire originated, must be satisfied of three conditions.The first condition - the presence of fuel that will burn.A further requirement is the presence of an oxidant, whereby the combustion process can exist.The latter condition - temperature properties and should correspond to the oxidant and fuel.If
at least one of the conditions is not met, the combustion becomes impossible, so the fire is also not there.If all the requirements of the combustion process is observed, followed by a fire.It should be noted that the flame is colored, depending on the type of fuel.
flammable substances are those that in the presence of an oxidant can ignite.Depending on the properties of several types of fuel.If the substance can be independently illuminated in the presence of an oxidant, they are called non-combustible.A substance capable of burning only in the presence of a source of fire, called the slow-burning substances.Only those substances which may continue to burn on their own even after removal of the source of fire, called combustible substances.Combustibles can be virtually any state of aggregation.Almost all substances with excellent properties of flammable, contains a number of chemical impurities.It is these impurities and are responsible for the color, which will have a fire after fire.
So familiar has the orange wood, while the red color of the flame appears in the combustion of calcium or lithium.And to create the yellow should be used as fuel flammable material with a high sodium content.Noble blue is characterized by burning natural gas, blue - if fuel is present selenium.It gives fire white presence in the fuel titanium or aluminum.Fire becomes violet-pink exposed to potassium, and under the influence of molybdenum, antimony, copper, barium or phosphorus - green.