In the 70 years of the twentieth century antioxidants been known to be effective inhibitors of oxidation processes in the rubber.But in 80 US scientists discovered their biological effects, followed by a lot of research, the results of which indicate the miraculous properties of substances.So, antioxidants - are substances that slow down the natural process of oxidation of organic substances.For humans, this means slowing down the aging process and the development of many dangerous cancer and cardiovascular diseases sistemy.Okislenie in the human body - an important process that helps to maintain a constant body temperature, to produce water and carbon dioxide and convert some of the compounds.Incomplete reduction of oxygen free radicals are formed - abnormal molecules with an unpaired electron in the last level;they are t
he cause lipid peroxidation, contributing to aging, disease and the formation of cancerous tumors.Production of free radicals is reduced by using antioxidants.The fact that they give the electron deficient free radical, thereby stopping a chain reaction leading to the destruction of biological substances.Protecting the body with antioxidants provided by nature, but over time it weakens, and the body loses its ability to restore old.It is therefore important to monitor the intake of these substances, but do not forget that the very large number of them can cause counter-productive effekt.Antioksidanty divided into enzymes and vitamins.First convert active oxygen to hydrogen peroxide, the latter engaged eliminate negative free radicals.These materials are represented by vitamins C, F, A, E, K, bioflavonoids and various trace elements (zinc, manganese, copper and iron) .Upotreblyaya foods containing these elements, a person in a natural way restores the amount of antioxidants in the body.A large number of them are concentrated in the crust and peel plants in their bones.Bioflavonoids are found in fruits and vegetables that are bright, often darker, color, and green tea.