Soil pollution

rapid development of technology, agriculture has led to increased levels of chemical contamination of the soil.There are many chemicals that are used for growing crops.They penetrate into the soil.According to the International Committee for the protection of the environment, phosphates, herbicides, nitrates, bacteria and pesticides are the most common pollutants, which are used in the industry.Food can also be contaminated by them.

Water pollution

Water pollution can be caused by various reasons.It is often associated with contaminated soil due to the large number of chemicals that are processed field.Effluent from livestock farms, businesses and pastures also contribute to this type of pollution.

Another source of water pollution are oil spills and discharges water vehicles such as boats and jet skis.According to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, that water pollution can be very detrimental to all aquatic inhabitants.Plants and fish can suffer from a lack of oxygen in the water and food as a result of occurrence of an oily film on the surface of the pond.

catch fish is the main source of income for many countries, and chemical pollution could endanger the existence of this sector of the economy.In some cases, eating contaminated fish can cause irreparable damage to people, causing as various skin diseases and poisoning of the whole organism.

air pollution

Air pollution is perhaps the most common view of chemical contamination.International organizations for the protection of the environment are discussed various possible ways to protect against it.Air quality is continuously deteriorating due to the work of thousands of businesses worldwide.

cars and planes also create emissions that can pollute the air.When the internal combustion engine produces carbon dioxide, since most vehicle models using oil as fuel.Although plants and other living creatures are also produce carbon dioxide, the amount of gas emitted significantly less compared to technogenic contamination.This is applied where less harm to the atmosphere.In an article from National Geographic magazine says that volcanic eruptions and gases which are emitted from marshes also contribute to air pollution.The effects of air pollution and the deterioration of the overall impact on human health and can cause a variety of diseases, both professional and ordinary civilians who live far away from the source of contamination.

Methods for cleaning up pollution

cleaning pollution can take a long time.Also, it is quite complicated and expensive.Selection method and used in the process of technical means depend on the type of the chemical substance and the size of the affected area.

Prevention Prevention is the best way to protect against chemical pollution.Society for the Protection of the Environment is actively cooperating with businesses to help reduce greenhouse gases and to recycle hazardous chemicals.Also, international agreements between governments which oblige the authorities to monitor compliance with the rules for the protection of ecosystems.