you need
  • - paper;
  • - drawing equipment.
Building isometric start with the location of the axes.One of them will always be vertical, and the figures it is usually referred to as the axis Z, its initial point is denoted as O. Continue down the axis OZ.
position of the other two axes can be defined in two ways, depending on what kind of drawing tools you have.If you have a protractor, aside from the axis OZ both sides angles equal to 120º.Spend X and Y.
If at your disposal just a compass, draw a circle of arbitrary radius centered at O. Continue axis OZ to its second intersection with the circle and put a point, for example, 1. Dissolveleg of a compass
by a distance equal to the radius.Draw an arc with center at point 1. Mark its intersection with the circle.They indicate the direction of the axes X and Y. In the left side of the Z-axis X-axis moves to the right - Y.
Build isometric projection plane figure.Distortion a perspective on all axes are taken as 1. In order to construct a square with the side, put the distance from the point O on the X and Y axes and make serifs.Spend the points obtained by straight lines parallel to both these axes.The square in this projection looks like a parallelogram with angles in 120º and 60º.
To construct a triangle, it is necessary to continue the X-axis so that the new part of the beam located between the axes Z m Y. Divide the side of the triangle in half and put the resulting size of the point about the X-axis in both directions.The Y-axis height triangle.Connect the ends of the segment, which is located on the X, derived from a point on the axis Y.
similar way constructed in perspective and trapeze.On the X axis in one or the other direction from the point O set aside half of the bottom of this geometrical figure and the axis Y - height.Through the serifs on the Y axis draw a line parallel to the axis X, and put her in the second half both sides of the base.Connect the points obtained with notches on the X-axis
circumference a perspective looks like an ellipse.It can be constructed as a given factor distortion and without.In the first case a big diameter is equal to the diameter of the circle, and a small amount of 0.58 from it.In the construction excluding this factor axis of the ellipse will be equal to 1.22 and 0.71, respectively, the initial diameter of the circle.
flat pieces can be placed in the space both horizontally and vertically.The basis can take any axle construction principles remain the same as in the first case.