For the factor analysis using the computer program SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).In addition to the processing of data within the factor analysis, the program allows the analysis of variance, non-parametric methods and plot the data obtained in the studies.Install the specified program on the computer and run.
Prepare data for factor analysis.For example, it may be statistical data on the results of a poll concerning one of the social problems.The results of a sociological survey, estimated on a given scale,
keep a separate file with the extension .sav.
Open the specified file in the program.Click "Analysis" tab "Factor analysis".You'll see a dialog box.Place in the tested variables your existing variables (the survey results in the figure).
Click "Descriptive statistics", leaving the primary conclusion of the analysis, including the primary statistics and variance of simple factors.If you want to leave as correlation coefficients and univariate statistics.
With the button "Selection", choose the method of selection.In case of difficulties in the selection, leave the default values;wherein the number of selected factors will be equal to the number of eigenvalues.
breaker "Rotation", choose the rotation method.In the simplest case, stop the choice on the method varimax, leaving the active output of the matrix factors.Now you can organize a conclusion of factor loadings in three-dimensional graphics.
To find the factor values, use the switch "values" and mark the factors selecting "Save as variables."To perform calculations, click OK.In the review you will see the results, including the primary statistics and factors themselves.
Now try to explain the selected factors.To do this, print the displayed table, and then factor in each row of the matrix mark the factor loadings with the highest absolute value.As a result, you should get at least three factors that you have to be analyzed from a qualitative point of view, without the use of software techniques.In fact, ideally you should conduct a verbal explanation of the factors, giving them meaningful names.