you need
  • Administrator rights PC, which will be installed AutoCAD.
  • serial number - it should be printed on the package AutoCAD.If you are upgrading an earlier version of AutoCAD is required to use the serial number.It can also be found on the respective package, or find out by going to the AutoCAD menu items Help → About.
Install AutoCAD runs a special program installer that either starts automatically or you need to find the root directory of the CD-ROM Setup.exe file and run it.After initialization, the screen will display the menu shown in Figure "Start Menu".Select the item «Install Products» (Set product).
Start menu
On the next page are asked to select
which of the products included in the package we want to install.
How to install
further proposed to reading and acceptance (or rejection) License Agreement.
License agreement
Next is a short profile: name, last name and the name of the organization bought the system.Just below to choose whether you want to install AutoCAD on a trial period of 30 days and are ready to enter a serial number and key printed on the packaging.After filling out the required fields press the button Next (Next).
Product Information and User
Before starting the installation process, you are invited to check the settings and configure each product separately installable.To change the setting, and the set of installed components select the drop down menu «Select a product to configure» (Product Selection for setting) product and click «Configure» (Set).
How to install
If you decide to modify the installation settings and click «Configure», then first you will be prompted to choose the type of license «Stand-alone license» (Standalone License) or «Network license»(Network License).If you decide not to change anything, and the following four items can skip instructions.
Select a License Type
pressing the «Next», you will see the page shown in the figure.It asks you to select the type of installation: «Typical» (Neutral) or «Custom» (Selective).If you do not have the knowledge about the structure of AutoCAD and is not guided in the appointment of its components, it is recommended to choose the regular version.If you choose the «Typical», is a set of components will be installed "default".Change can only: to establish whether or not a component «Express Tools».Below are prompted to select whether to place on the desktop shortcut and where to install AutoCAD.
How to install
Mounting Type «Custom» implies knowledge of the user, what components it needed, and what - no.In the window «Select features to install», you can choose them, taking off or putting, checkmark present in the package components.Right displays a brief description of «Feature description» currently selected, the component.
How to install
On the next page you can choose whether you want to during the installation process to install the package (s) fixes «Service Pack», if it exists, and / or available for download.If you selected «Include Service Pack from», the program will install itself by checking the manufacturer's website.If found to be available for download packages, the list displayed in a small window below this menu item.Opposite the name of each packet is written size and there is a button «Download» (Download).After pressing the button «Download», you will be shown the download process, which, if completed successfully, replaced by a green check mark.Patch can also be taken from the physical disk on the local computer or local network.To do this, select «Include Service Pack from local drive or local network».The last item of the menu allows you to cancel the installation of a service pack «Do not include Service Pack».After graduating with a choice in this menu, press the button «Next».
How to install
Finish the installation settings by pressing the «Configuration Complete» (Adjustment completed).By pressing it, we will come back to item 5 of our instructions.
How to install
If you satisfied with the installation settings, then press the button «Install» (Installation).
How to install
If the installation is successful, the window appears with the appropriate message «Installation Complete» and click «Finish».
How to install
When you first start AutoCAD requires to activate your license.This can be done via the Internet (recommended by the manufacturer), by phone, mail or fax.The appropriate form will be provided to you.
How to install