Tip 1: How to decorate a chair

Do not rush and belongs in the trash chairs , lost its original form, or simply ceased to fit into the interior of your home.There are several ways to "return to life" of the old, shabby furniture.
you need
  • - tissue;
  • - decorative cord;
  • - scissors;
  • - safety pins;
  • - roll;
  • - tapes;
  • - small feather pillow;
  • - needle;
  • - thread;
  • - gum;
  • - scarves with colorful patterns;
  • - decoupage card;
  • - brushes;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - acrylic lacquer.
obmerte Carefully roll.Cut the required amount of fabric with scissors, leaving a finishing allowance of 30 cm length, 2 cm - width.Wrap the fabric around the roll and secure the edges with a decorative cord.Take the feather pillows, suitable in size to the seat of the chair, and sew it to the corners of the tape.Tie them around chair legs, fixing the seat cushion.Lay the fabric on a chair so that it touches the floor.Flatten slightly drape and tuck it under his pillow.Fix the material using safety pins.Gather fabric in the corners of the socket on
the seat, secure it with rubber bands.Collect excess tissue formed at the bottom of the chair, with the back side.Form the socket and lock the band.Round Corners draperies and carefully trim the edges of the material.Place the cushion on the chair seat.
for this type of draping is necessary to take a silk cloth.Place the material in such a way that the chair was completely closed.Slightly pull the two front corner of draperies, crossed them, secure in the chair opposite legs with rubber bands.Lay the fabric lying on the back of a chair, folds.Slightly tuck it under the seat of the chair and secure with safety pins.Take two handkerchief, fold in half and seal together so that they form a cross.Put the resulting structure at the back of the chair so that the place of the shawls was strictly in the middle.Attach shawls to drape using safety pins.Tie the ends of the scarf together, on each side of the chair back.
This option is suitable for decoration of chairs with hard solid seat.Take decoupage card and cut it in the shape of the chair seat.Prime the surface with PVA glue.Lightly moisten and gently decoupage glue on the seat map.Take care to avoid any bumps and blisters.Apply two coats of acrylic lacquer.

Tip 2: How to decorate a chair

successful execution of the banquet helps to create a special atmosphere of solemnity and beauty.Decoration of walls, ceiling, and especially tables and chairs - is not always easy, but is certainly very interesting and creative task.It looks beautiful and luxurious chairs or armchairs, covered with crisp white covers and decorated with ribbons, bows, drapes, flowers.However, there are options for low-budget decor for less festive occasions.
How to decorate a chair
you need
  • - solid white c / b, linen fabric or satin;
  • - Cuts decorative flowing, good drape fabrics;
  • - or nylon satin ribbons, braids;
  • - textured strings, cords;
  • - non-standard materials: natural gifts, paper, candy, etc .;
  • - balloons.
Sew chair covers.First fabricate mock cover of an old bed sheets: Throw it on the chair, put the form back and seat, stabbing pin, then cut the excess fabric.You can load arbitrary folds behind, on the back, or make a frill on the bottom cover that closes the legs of the chair.
If you have achieved the desired result, remove the pins from the resulting layout and spread it on the parts of the fabric from which you want to sew blankets.Cutting the right amount of covers and sew them.
to save considerably on the fabric, you can not sew a cover for the entire chair, but only on the back.This option is acceptable, if your stools have a very aesthetic appearance.Depending on the shape of the back draw the appropriate pattern and sew capes.Set of covers, made of white cloth, allow you to create a unique design of chairs for different events - one has only to think of additional items related activities.
How to decorate a chair
Drape backs of chairs beautiful fabrics (organza, chiffon, satin, velvet), leaving behind the original cables.Secure the fabric suitable ribbons, rings or other decorative elements (of the colors, paper, straw, etc.).In this embodiment, registration can combine two different color or texture of the fabric, playing in their contrast.
Decorate the chairs with natural materials: interesting wreaths of fresh or artificial flowers, songs, or even beads of fruits, beautiful leaves, twigs, pine cones.Complement decor suitable ribbons, ropes, and other items.
How to decorate a chair
Preparing for a small party, you can go to the registration of each chair individually, if you know all the guests and you are good friends.On the basis of data on the personality of each guest, come up with a fun design chairs: tie to the bars on the backside of multicolored ribbons, men's ties, lace, "talking" pictures or reproductions of paintings, someone's favorite flowers or candy.
How to decorate a chair
make the design with the help of balloons inflated with helium.Adhere to the chairs one by one (or more) balls with the help of colored ribbons.Also interesting compositions can be made from the inflated air balloons, but keep in mind the precautions: do not make too big balls and place them in places where they could easily hurt.
wonder you can even decorate the legs of chairs.For example, pull them specially made for this striped (or any other pattern) "stockings" or wrap beautiful ribbon or jute twine, sisal, etc.
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