size and shape are important.What to consider when choosing a desk lamp?

deserves special attention directly lampshade.Scientists have been thoroughly studied the influence of its configuration in the regulation of eye strain.Preference is to give it in a configuration that resembles a trapezoid or ball, tapering at the base and expanding outwards.

impossible to forget and what materials were used to make the lampshade.The ideal situation is considered to be glass, which is not so exposed to heat for prolonged functioning as a metal, and at the same time does not release harmful substances such as plastics.

plastic may be used provided that the lamp itself is located far enough away from the walls of the ceiling.

important also the size of the table lamps purchased for the computer.It is mandatory must be
met adequate proportions and dimensions of the working surface of the lamp.Using more powerful bulbs to increase the illuminated surface is not a suitable option.In the case of a large countertop lighting better suited with a large shade.

colors, which made the ceiling lamp is also fairly important.Ideally, the color should be calm and not to attract attention, otherwise in the course of work at the computer will be difficult to focus on, which further increase the burden on the eyes.

When considering the effect of color on the psycho-emotional and physical well-being, scientists have found that the best is green and shades.

tripod stand and what must not be forgotten when choosing a lamp

first rule that should be followed strictly when working at the table, including the computer - the light source should be at eye level.Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the height of the lamp.

lighting on the market you'll find most models of two kinds.First amenable to adjustment by a hinge forming the bending knee.The latter have a tripod of a flexible material.

most practical, the second option, in view of the ease of control and a high degree of reliability and resistance to damage.Articulated versions often break down, which is important, especially when a child uses a lamp.

By the method of fixing table lamps can also be divided into two types.Some are imposing a heavy base provides stability, while others are mounted directly on the table with special pegs or screwed.

last option convenient because it eliminates the possibility of a fall.But there is one significant disadvantage - thus fixed lamps lose mobility.