Tip 1: How to pray in Islam

Prayer in Islam - a fairly complex thing.Remember all the first time, let alone carry it without any errors, it is practically impossible.It takes months or even years of practice.However, in any religion it is quite difficult to follow all the canons and know by heart all the prayers.In the same Christianity a thousand prayers and hardly anyone knows them all.And if you talk about worship, the few people know all the "church circles."It is the same in Islam.
you need
  • Quran, rug, mosque
That Islam great attention is paid not only the essence of prayer, but also its visual design.For example, the feet while casting for the Muslim holy words we must keep straight to the toes were not looking in different directions.There are at prayer and his position and hand.They must be crossed on the chest, but not on the stomach and should not be behind.While the bow is necessary that the legs are not bent, and the feet were straight.Prostration must be done as follows: first, to kneel down a
nd then bend down to kiss the floor, and for some time stood still in this position.That is what is called in Islam prostration.
According to the rules and canons of every devout Muslim has five times a day to pray.Prayer - a ritual prayer, which includes the commission in strict order of movements, such as waist and bows.
Also during prayer practiced by reading brief prayer formulas and read verses from the Koran.As for the inside of the prayer, its deeper meaning is that concentrates on praying that reads praying, and he must create a feeling that God was watching him.Prayer can be performed both collectively and individually.The latter is especially practiced in Islam while traveling.
There are five of the most important Muslim prayers: Fajr (pre-dawn prayer), Zuhr (noon prayer), Asr (afternoon prayer), Maghrib (sunset prayer) and Isha (night prayer).Moreover, Islam can be claimed, the rain to pray, prayer, sunlight and lunar eclipse.Plus, there are the obligatory prayers that you need to perform collectively: Janazah-prayer, Jumu'ah and Eid prayers.There are also special prayers Dua, which do not require special training or a certain ritual.For example: a prayer when visiting the sick, prayer when visiting the toilet, after eating a prayer, a prayer when visiting graves, praying at the entrance to the house of prayer at the entrance to the mosque, and many others.

Tip 2: How to convert to Islam in Moscow

Islam - one of the most popular religions of the world.Muslims tremblingly relate to the worship of their holy places and traditions, many of them support each other in difficult everyday situations.Islam can be taken in the capital of Russia.

rejection of the past faith

Before you embrace Islam, you must give up the old faith.While all the world religions (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity) preached the principles of kindness and respect, the transition to the new faith negatively perceived by most followers of your former religion.The procedure itself "renunciation" in the form in which it is represented in many religions, Islam does not exist.You will not be forced to renounce Jesus, if you are a follower of Catholicism or Orthodoxy.Moreover, Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet by the name "Isa".

Rite of Passage

Koran - the holy book of the Muslims, and according to the Qur'an Allah to accept all comers can become Muslims.In Moscow, there are many mosques, and you need to visit the temple of the Islamic religion for adoption.

One of the biggest mosques in the capital - the Historical Mosque.It is located at ul.Most Tatar, house 28. Most famous and Cathedral Mosque - one of the oldest in Russia (under construction).In total, more than 300 mosques in Moscow;You can have faith in any Islamic temple.

traditions, holidays

respectful towards Muslims in Russia, our country not only has many mosques, but there are even regions with predominantly Muslim religion.It Tatarstan, Dagestan, Chechnya.Every true Muslim strives to make a pilgrimage to the main Islamic shrine - the black stone "Kaaba" in Mecca.

In Moscow, there are plenty of places for a meeting of Islamic holidays.Holiday "Kurban Bayram" has a special significance for the followers of Islam.For this holiday need to make a sacrifice, slaughtering bought without bargaining on the honestly earned money, a sheep.At the time, holding "Kurban Bayram" in Moscow to face serious difficulties - sacrifices were made in unsuitable places.Today this problem is solved by the Council of Muftis (Islamic priest) Russia: there are special Muslim myasoboyni, on which you need to make a sacrifice.

Islam in everyday life

«Convert" is not easy to master the domestic foundations of Islam.Firstly, it is necessary to comply with a five-fold bath every day.Difficult is the longest post - month "Ramadan".There during Ramadan can be a sunrise.

«Halal" - a special Muslim food.The first shop selling food for Muslims in Russia, was the supermarket "Bahetle" in Kazan, capital of Tatarstan.Recently "Bahetle" opened in Moscow.