Read the New Testament.To an adult, and the adoption of Orthodox Christianity, I think, most of all interested adults, not infants, becoming an Orthodox Christian, it is necessary, first of all, read this scripture, known as the New Testament.In addition, read the Catechism of the Orthodox, to take the Savior and his teachings.You should also think about their past life, remember all my sins and repent of them.

And, of course, a reading will not be enough.You should know the Creed, the Ten Commandments, a sign of the cross and prayer, the priest blessing the faithful and rules of conduct.Also check out the sacraments of the Orthodox Church.
Buy pectoral cross.You can buy it in the shop of the Orthodox, that is, as a rule, at the church.You also need to purchase a shirt for baptism and sheets.They are the necessary attributes of baptism.And, of course, need to make a donation to the temple, which will be held baptism.Find out the exact amount can be in the temple.

Just do not think that is the purchase of some services.Like, I paid the money, got the grace of God.These voluntary donations.This money provides a temple, the priest keeps his family, because he is not present any salary from the state or the church "from above".

If you for some reason are not able to donate money, go to the priest and explain your situation.If the reason why you have nothing to donate the church, is evident, then, probably, you will understand and allow baptized without donations.And if you simply "toad strangling" then why do you need an Orthodox baptism?
find godparents.Although, it is quite likely one godfather or godmother - depending on your gender.That is, males have enough godfather, and for females - krĐĹstnuyu mother.
Believe.Make all these technical procedures for baptism - not the main thing.We must sincerely accept all the dogmas of the Orthodox Church and believe in them.To the simple question of the priest: "Do you believe?" You might say from the heart: "I believe."