Trinity - not only one of the most important concepts in Christianity, but also one of the most mysterious."There is one in three persons" - it is impossible to understand, to comprehend to the end, to understand the mind, it can only be taken as a given, sincerely believing.Even harder to imagine the Holy Trinity in the form of a specific visual image, but it requires the writing of icons and icon painters found a way out, relying on the Holy Scriptures.

Old Testament Trinity

The Old Testament tells the story of how God appeared to Abraham and Sarah in the form of three strangers.The couple have welcomed them, not immediately realizing that the Triune God before them.This episod
e - one of the foundations of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, and that it is often used to represent the Holy Trinity on the icons.

Trinity portrayed as three angels sitting under a tree or a table with refreshments, sometimes next to them there are Abraham and Sarah.

most famous icon of this kind - "Trinity" Andrei Rublev.Icon is notable for its brevity - it has no superfluous details: neither Abraham and Sarah next to the angels, nor the "still life" on the table - only a bowl, echoing with the "cup of suffering", which will drink God the Son.Figures of angels perceived as a vicious circle, correlating with the concept of eternity.

New Testament Trinity and Fatherland

In another embodiment, the image of the Trinity, God the Father is presented in the form of an old man.The peculiarity of this picture is that the head is not surrounded by the Elder round nimbus, as usual, and triangular.In the halo of God the Father placed letters for "Jehovah," as in the halo of the Savior, thus emphasizes the oneness of God the Father and God the Son.

next to God the Father, God the Son seated - Jesus Christ in the same way as He is depicted in the other icons.In his hands he holds a cross and an open Gospel.The third face of the Holy Trinity - God the Spirit svyatoy.On represented hovering over the Father and the Son white dove - in that way the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus at His baptism in the Jordan.

version of the New Testament Trinity - Motherland: God the Son in the image of the child sitting on his lap Elder - God the Father, the Holy Spirit, as in the previous version, presented in the form of a dove.

In 1667 Great Moscow Council were condemned any images of God the Father (except for images of the apocalypse).Thus, at present the canonical image of the Holy Trinity is the only "Old Testament Trinity".