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to right to submit a note to any church kiosk for the health of their relatives and friends, we must remember the cardinal rule: these petitions are accepted only in respect of the baptized and Orthodox Christians, along with the name of the person, as a rule,it indicated the rank or status in society, for example, is always recommended to write a "warrior", "baby", "boy", "aching".

Word write legibly, preferably in block letters.Be Careful, use the genitive case of the so-called church prototypes names, do not mention names, contact names only completely, no cuts or diminutive word is not provided.Never write the names of unborn children into t
he world.

Note "about health" is considered a one-time pomyannik served with the obligatory picture of the cross at the beginning of the sheet and requires compliance with specific rules concerning the number of the names listed in it.If you want to pray for the health of a very large number of people, a note is better to divide into two, three or more parts, so you express respect for the church and the priest.

In these references should be included and those who need help the physical and those who need psychological support or the remission of their sins.The Church recommends that include pomyannik their benefactors and enemies.


all created notes must be submitted in advance of the planned achievements of the Divine Liturgy, then the note will be read during proskomedia or preliminary part of the prayer service.Such prayers are served in all churches on a daily basis, so anyone a Christian can easily perform this ritual is not only a day of special celebration.There is a certain schedule of prayers, it should learn from pre-priests.Notes on the health of friends and relatives is required to submit to the days of their birth, their baptisms, name day, especially this rule applies to the behavior of a mother caring for her baby.

should also remember that such a note, "the health" refers only to those who are now living on the ground, otherwise it belongs to the category "funeral."Notes should be written only from the heart with the sincere desire to help a person, otherwise it will not achieve the desired effect.Never write in a note the word "Suffering", "angry" or "misguided."


Besides the usual, conventional briefs may be filed individual petitions in the augmented litany, which have a more dramatic effect.Any money requires a note accompanying this charity, and not charge.A small donation you play a normal Christian duty, thank people for their work.