you need
  • Features of the menstrual cycle, calculator, calendar.
Observe the body for several months and accurately count how many days you have lasts each cycle.The number of days can vary a little, but it's not terrible.
Take into account that ovulation occurs after about 10-11 days after the end of menstruation, but note that the number of these days is absolutely individually for each woman.
Confirm mid-cycle approach by other methods: a) use a special medical test to determine ovulation, which is very similar in shape to a pregnancy test,
with the same method of action;b) was measured every day during the cycle basal temperature - the day its a small increase to 37.0 degrees can be considered mid-ovulation.
offensive to activate long-awaited pregnancy sex life is the period of ovulation and several days after it as necessary to consider the period of life of male and female cells in each individual case.