About 300 million years ago on Earth appeared the earliest primates parapithecus - common ancestors and apes, and humans.It is these humanoids about ten million years ago, divided into three lines, each of which led to the emergence of modern orang-utans, chimpanzees and humans.

early stages of human development

most important condition for rebirth parapithecus in person, is the development of bipedal locomotion.After all, it could only release the hands of brutish creatures.This process eventually led to the appearance of Homo habilis.

He lived about two million years ago.This creature, on the device of the skeleton, very much like the monkey.Although
the structure of the pelvic bone and the position of the head, speak of a certain directness of the spine.Only the brain volume of 500 cubic centimeters, pointed out that it was much closer to man than the gorilla or chimpanzee.

next stage of evolutionary development is Homo erectus.He lived about a half million years ago.The structure of its skeleton, found in southern Europe, says that he is very much like a monkey.However, Homo erectus already knew how to make fire and make primitive tools of stone and bone.In addition, he began to live in caves and began to settle in the more northern latitudes outside the African continent.

Pithecanthropus, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons

Pithecanthropus lived on the planet about four thousand years ago.Their growing reached 170 centimeters, and the brain by volume was almost the same as modern humans.They lived in small groups in the caves.Engaged in hunting and gathering.

replaced them, after about 200,000 years, Neanderthals inhabited the territory of Africa, Europe and South Asia.They already knew how the bones and stones to make piercing and cutting tools, wear clothing from the skins of dead animals.The structure of the lower jaw of Neanderthals show that they were the beginnings of speech.

And finally, about 50 thousand years ago there were Cro-Magnons, who formed a single series of Homo Sapiens - Homo sapiens.At Cro-Magnon is completely absent features monkeys.Cro-Magnons had articulate speech, were able to make skilful tools of stone and bone, tame animals and started to develop agriculture.

Thus ended the story of primitive man and began the evolution of human society, which later became to shape socio-economic factors.