history of Elizabeth Short

Elizabeth Short was born in 1924 in Boston.During the Great Depression, the global financial crisis of the 30s, her family went bankrupt.In 1930, Elizabeth's father disappeared.It was assumed that a man had committed suicide, but after a few years it became clear that he was alive.

when the girl was 19 years old, she moved to California and went to live with his father.Their relationship did not work out, Elizabeth soon left the house.She went to Santa Barbara, where she was arrested for drinking alcohol, then returned to Florida and for a time worked there as a waitress.There she met a young man, a soldier, with whom she began an affair.Plans for th
e wedding was interrupted by tragedy: the bride Elizabeth died.

January 15, 1947, Elizabeth's naked body was found in a vacant lot in Los Angeles.It was cut into two pieces around the waist and dismembered.This extraordinary cruelty has aroused the interest of the press.Various publications were prepared to do anything to get the information first.It was in the press for the first time Elizabeth Short was called "The Black Dahlia."


Many wanted to be involved in the sensation.The police received a lot from those who allegedly saw Elizabeth on the day of the murder.Reporters and detectives ordinary people piled their versions of what happened.All this only slowed down the investigation.

More than 50 people have confessed to the murder.From them as suspects police considered 25. At various times, been accused of a crime known newspaper publisher Norman Chandler, Messenger Leslie Dillon, doctor Patrick C. Reilly and many others.In one of the books based on the murder he accused even the legendary director Orson Welles.

Case Elizabeth Short and remains unsolved.Today it is the oldest of unsolved murders in Los Angeles.

The murder of Elizabeth Short in literature

The mystery surrounding the case of Elizabeth Short, worried writers.The well-known author of detective James Ellroy in 1987 wrote the novel "The Black Dahlia."This art book - the most famous among the novels based on the murder of Elizabeth Short.American writer John Gregory Dunne, based on the history of the "Black Dahlia" wrote the novel "The Mystery of Confession", which in 1981 was shot the same film.

In 1995, a study was released by Steve Hodel, a former homicide detective.In his book, Hodel wrote that the murder of Elizabeth - one of a series of violent crimes committed by one person.The sensational book in the name of the accused: the author calls the murderer of his father, George Hodel.

Jack Daniel's, the daughter of one of the suspects, released the book "The Curse of The Black Dahlia", which sets out the arguments in favor of the innocence of his father.