real name of the famous doctor Aureolus Philip Theophrastus von Hohenheim Bombastus.Username Paracelsus, which means "similar to Celsus", or he chose himself or received from his colleagues doctors.

Aureolus Philip Theophrastus von Hohenheim Bombastus born in Aigues September 21, 1493 in the family physician.His parents belonged to an ancient but impoverished noble family.Paracelsus received an excellent education, which included medicine and noble compulsory lessons.These include, fencing, philosophy and so on.

finished Paracelsus University of Basel, after which he studied alchemy, one of the most famous adepts of magic and astrology, the abbot Johannes Trithemius.The University of Ferrara received his doctorate in medicine.After studying Paracelsus traveled ex
tensively throughout the world.

He visited many universities in Europe.He participated as a surgeon in many military campaigns.According to rumors, in his travels Paracelsus reached North Africa, Russia, Constantinople and Palestine.The knowledge gained in these wanderings they were extensive and unique.This knowledge enabled him to create his unique methods of treatment.

repatriation Paracelsus was the town doctor of Basel, in addition, he began to lecture at the University of Basel.Sport he spent in German, unlike his colleagues, who used Latin.In addition, all his performances were original and based on personal experience.

This caused a wide resonance in the university and the city, and Paracelsus had to leave him;Moreover, he was 10 years excommunicated from the academy.The doctor traveled to the German city, but for a long time could not stay anywhere else.Because of their knowledge and skills called him the magician, the charlatans.

Having wandered a great doctor settled in Salzburg.He has written many books and treatises on medicine and philosophy.Paracelsus invented many wonderful medicines ahead of its time.He was able to stop the outbreak of plague in 1534 and look into the causes silicosis.

famous physician and alchemist died on September 24, 1541.The circumstances of his death are still not known.But according to some sources it could kill the bandits hired by one of the doctors.