Geography shares long gone beyond St. Petersburg and Moscow and is constantly expanding.In the "Green weekende» involved not only regional centers, but also small settlements.In the spring of 2012 it took about 60 environmental weekends across the country.

As a rule, the action takes place from April 1 to May 20, and to take part in it can be anyone.To do this you need to collect the garbage separately (glass, plastic, waste paper, batteries) and delivered to the collection point for recycling.In addition, everyone can try their hand in the organization of harvesting any forest park on the territory of their town or village.To become a member of the weekend and, especially, its organizer, it is necessary to register on the official website of the campaign.

mistake to think that garbage
collection takes too dull and uninteresting.In Moscow, for example, on the final weekend came about a thousand people, which were organized workshops, eco-fair, children's playground, as well as educational lectures and gifts.Of course, in other cities, "Green weekend» is held to a much smaller scale, but with the same enthusiasm.

The fact that natural resources are not unlimited, knows almost everyone.But not every person is willing to admit that even his small force can be important.For example, one used battery poisons 1 and tap of the open only during the daily cleaning of teeth poured wasted 15-20 liters of water.

aim of the "Green weekend'a" - to encourage each person to ensure that he changed the way of life for the sake of conservation.Greenpeace Russia project recommends to take note of a number of simple recommendations.Among them - not only an invitation to participate in the action "Green weekend», but Please do not throw batteries, turn off the computer at night and appliances, use energy-saving lamps, install meters, take the trash, plant a tree and walk more often.