There are two types of moving the capital: planned and unplanned.Decide which one you will carry out.Unscheduled moving on a scale much smaller than planned.It is connected with threat to life and health of people and of course, impossible in such circumstances to make good decisions.Such a transfer of the capital will realize very quickly.To do this, choose the city with the most developed infrastructure, including a normal junction and the lack of traffic congestion for rapid movement.
then release one of the administrative buildings in the city.Bring only, without which the work of the government would be impossible.For example, the press and the necessary documentation
, which is desirable in electronic form on solid media.Organize on-site arrival of convenient travel routes between the major agencies.Over time, transfer the remaining two branches of government: executive, and judicial.Do not forget about financial institutions.
planned transfer of the capital is carried out when the operating capital begins to suffocate from overcapacity.For such a transfer Think first strategy of the country.Which countries will develop a close relationship?In view of the development strategy of the region find a city that is very convenient transportation hub.Then determine what exactly will be the main city.It will be the same metropolis with all the institutions, very well-developed infrastructure and good transport interchange, or only the center, where the government and administrative buildings.
The process of transferring organize with minimal time and effort.Better to take to help the army.Do not forget that the building, which will occupy the capital's offices were occupied by someone.They also need to find a space to work.