sum maternity capital is provided only in the form of cashless payment.Any attempt to cash it illegal.When making such a wrongful act of the owner of the certificate on the financial subsidy falls under the heading of misuse of public funds.The law provides for all three main areas of use of the money.

Home Improvement

The law stipulates that the amount of maternity capital (fully or partially) can be used not before the child reaches the age of three years (or three years from the date of adoption).An exception to this scheme is the acquisition of property.

In cases where the maternity capital directed to the payment of the mortgage, the purchase or construction of housing, you can use them without waiting for the expiration of three years from
the date of birth of the child.The concept of "improving living conditions" also includes the overhaul of existing homes.The main condition is acquired (under construction, repairable) housing should be located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

the child's education

second direction of the parent capital - a child's education.This includes not only learning in higher education, but also keeping children in kindergarten or similar institutions, to carry out pre-school training program, or basic general education (initial and full).The grant allowed to split into parts, covering the need for the child in all levels of education.

Study on the money, you can exclusively in the territory of the Russian Federation.An organization that provides educational services, should have the state accreditation.Capital can be used on any of the children, if his age at the beginning of the training has not reached the level of 25 years.While there is no permission to use these funds for the purpose of education the child's parents, but such proposals have already been expressed by some MPs.

pension increase the child's mother

third legal way of spending maternity capital - funded pension increase in women.This is the least popular option, which is used by only 2% of households.Often, the amount allocated for pension funds - the remainder of the use of subsidy for other purposes.The guide means is allowed in the public and in any pension fund.