battle near the village of Borodino near Moscow took place August 26, 1812, Old Style (Julian calendar), 125 km from the capital.According to the new chronology, which was established Soviet power in 1918, a significant date was postponed to 12 days in advance (August 7).Under federal law from 1895, the official holiday of the Day of military glory of Russia is celebrated annually on 8 September.

Battle of Borodino (the French call it Bataille de la Moskova) was a milestone in the Patriotic War of 1812.Bloody slaughter lasted for 12 hours, resulting in loss of each side were about 45 thousand.The Battle of Moscow ended with an uncertain outcome: the Fr
ench army was not able to win a decisive victory, but Russian troops, but for strategic reasons, retreated.Napoleon himself wrote of the battle: "The French have shown themselves in it deserve to win, and Russian courted the right to be invincible."

training program for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino was approved by the Russian Government in 2009.According to the official website specially created public council, the federal plan called for the restoration of monuments, construction of the Moscow Museum of the War of 1812, the formulation of the city and carrying out a variety of cultural, sports and military-historical events.

August 12, 2012 with the Walk of Fame in Moscow, Russia launched a unique horse trek dedicated to the heroism of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War of 1812.It consists of 23 Cossacks saddled rare Don trotters.Riders are planning to go to all the famous sites of battles troops Ataman Matvei Platov, get to Paris and to complete the procession on October 22 concert at the Fontainebleau - the former residence of Napoleon Bonaparte.

For activities to be residents of six European countries;campaign is accompanied by an interesting cultural program.So, for the viewers organizing Cossack Choir performances, theatrical performances Kremlin riding school and exhibition of historical uniforms of 1812 and other exhibits from private and public collections.

the day of celebration of the Battle of Borodino finally finished the construction of the Museum of the War of 1812 in the courtyard of the former City Council - a project that was conceived even to the 100th anniversary of the battle against Napoleon.According to RIA Novosti, the museum is currently being installed, and formed the exposition showcases.

Citizens can visit dozens of scientific, educational and recreational activities in Moscow.So, after many years the museum was again re-established "Kutuzov hut", dedicated to the Military Council in Fili - a key point of the Patriotic War of 1812.August 30 (the Day of the city) is expected to open the Arc de Triomphe on Kutuzov Avenue, which has long been under restoration.

September 1 in the park "Krasnaya Presnya" expected Festival "1812.The era of people ", which will be a carnival procession and a costume ball.Organizers of the event expect that it will be attended by at least 3,000 people.On the same day in Moscow will start another festival - "Spasskaya Tower" for the Russian, European and American military bands.In the morning they will march along Tverskaya, and the next day groups will perform in twelve metropolitan estates and parks.

in Borodino Day - September 7 - to all the houses of the capital will be hung flags of Moscow and Russia, and then in the Luzhniki Stadium will host patriotic action "Moscow for us."It is designed for about 5,000 people.Here, on the Day of military glory of Russia, September 8, will be reconstructed fighting Russian and French armies in 1812 sample.

lovers of stylized historical events could celebrate the Russian victory over the French at the Borodino field.Here, in the day of the anniversary of the battle near Moscow organized a big military-historical view.Perhaps during the holidays for residents of the capital will be additional flights to the electric train "Moscow Mozhaisk" and "Moscow-Borodino."Travel companies wishing to offer bus tours in Mozhaisk district.