term "media" is used most frequently in Russia.Its synonyms "media" and "communications media."This concept includes different forms of dissemination of information (under the constant name) for the general population.News sources can be printed publications, video and audio channels, internet data sources.

Media Types

Russian legislation does not provide a clear definition of certain types of media.The main criteria for inclusion in the media (according to the Law "On mass media"): mass mailing messages, fixed frequency and form of information.Conditional fission occurs mainly in the data transmission method.

most common media - diverse publications.They let belatedly often get even in those regions where there is no Internet, no TV.In addition, for the people of the "old" generation of a way to get information is still preferred.To th
e media include publications with permanent name appearing at least once a year (magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc.).

most effective type of information (and most expensive) - TV or television.Visual information, combined with the audio track, absorbed by a person at times better than any other.This is one of the most effective ways of presenting data and the impact on the consciousness.

Third, is gaining popularity kind of media - Internet resources.The law "On mass media" does not oblige the sites registered as mass media, but they can do so voluntarily, gaining the same rights and duties as other members of the art.

registered as a mass media and numerous media outlets.Their main function - to search for news and information, process them, and then transfer to the existing media (newspapers, TV programs, etc.).The value of such organizations is difficult to underestimate, although they are almost always in the shade.

Types of media that go into the past

gradually losing ground to lead once broadcast.Proper organization is able to make radio a very effective tool of interaction with the masses, but television and the Internet demanded a much greater extent.

Newsreel - also a kind of media.It is less popular because of their characteristics, different from the preferences of the majority of contemporary society representatives.