August 19, 1941 Zinoviy G. was ordered to cover the three roads leading to the city Krasnogvardeisk (Gatchina).After analyzing the terrain, Kolobanov sent 2 tanks in an ambush on the Luga road, two on kingeseppskuyu and stayed to guard the coastal areas.Kolobanov took up a position opposite the T-junction.For special tank was dug trench, which was perfectly camouflaged.The result is that German intelligence on motorcycles have not noticed camouflaged tank.There was also prepared fallback position.A place for the ambush was very well chosen.On both sides of the roads were waterlogged fields that made it difficul

t to maneuver the German technology.Profit for Support, the commander of the infantry posted in the neighboring forest, that it does not come under tank fire.

The next day, appeared on the horizon of 22 German tanks Pz.Kpfw III.Kolobanov has admitted the tanks as close as possible, and gave the order to open fire on the head tank under the cross.

accurate shot gun commander - Usov Andrei Mikhailovich were hit 2 head tank.In the ranks of the enemy emerged mess.Tanks began to run across each other.And after being knocked out 2 make a tank column of Germans were trapped.At first the Germans, seeing his opponent opened fire indiscriminately on the haystack taking them for camouflaged tanks.But determining the source of the fire, they began intensive shelling Kolobanova tank.Though coming from the Nazis and were outnumbered, but their 37-caliber armor-piercing projectiles bounced off the reinforced armor KV-1, while greatly stunning Soviet tank.Tank withstood about 156 hits.The Germans tried to turn off the road into the field, but have become stuck in the swampy terrain.The crew methodically destroyed all German tanks, but then rolled the position of the enemy anti-tank guns.

Missile one of them knocked the tank periscope.Then Sergeant tank gunner - Pavel Ivanovich Kiselkov climbed on the tank, and under heavy fire, replace a broken appliance.After another hit anti-tank gun, a tank turret jammed.But senior mechanic driver - Nikolai Nikiforov skillful maneuvers tank guns provide accurate guidance for the remainder of German technology.As a result, the entire enemy column was completely destroyed.

After the fight the whole crew was promoted to the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union, but for some reason, the soldiers received a more modest rewards Kolobanov ZG, Nikiforov NIIt was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, Usov AMHe was awarded the Order of Lenin and Kiselkov PIHe received a medal for bravery.

Kolobanov Zinovy ​​G. died on 8 August 1994 and not waiting for the star of Hero for his outstanding feat.In St. Petersburg, started an action to collect signatures on a petition to the president of the assignment Kolobanova ZGthe title of Hero (posthumously).Already collected 102,000 signatures.How can more people have to say their firm "for" and then the historical injustice is corrected.The hero finds its reward, albeit posthumously.But then we can say with certainty: "No one is forgotten nothing is forgotten."