Find out which lists formed during the year, in the next 3, 5 and 10 years.The training should be conducted from a distance.In most areas of life periodically drawn the same lists , only with different candidates.You have a lot of chances, but you need to see a step forward.
Talk to people who have previously been on the list.That's what you strive for some people has already passed stage.They will tell you truly valuable information that you will not find in the public domain information.I sincerely admire the success of a person and it will reveal many secrets.It is likely that he is interested in your desire, then you will get a good mentor.
Talk with those responsible for maintaining lists.Many of these people perform their functions over the years.They can tell you what your chances are and what you need to do to have a better shape by the time of listing.
Make a plan of work on oneself.You have to realize that not only are you smart.All forward-looking people prepare for success.You will have a lot of competitors.In the book "Geniuses and outsiders," Malcolm Gladwell explains that outstanding people are different from the mediocre is not a bright talent, and the volume of the work.Research the author and his associates have shown that it is necessary about 10,000 hours of labor to reach incredible heights in the business.It takes about 10 years.Even if you have less time, you should do their utmost to increase their chances in comparison to other candidates.
Achieve goals.If you started to go, do not stop.