increase in prices in the first place hit hard by motorists.Now they have spread over a much larger amount of fuel.This is due to the fact that the government has decided to increase the fuel excise stamps than 1.3 p.(as planned before), but twice - 2.6 p.Diesel fuel is also not far behind: instead of the promised 1.1 p.increase to 2,8r.
to rise in 2012 and transport services, namely Railways.The increase in prices for travel is planned in relation to the reserved seats and general cars.It will look as follows: ratio of added 2,995, which in turn leads to higher costs w / tickets to almost 300%.Such appreciation explain the new policy of railways, aimed at rejection of reserved seats and general coaches towards the compartmen
already started from January increase in food prices, by an average of 12-15%.Written off this season and the revision of contracts with suppliers.So, the price of sausage increased on average by 10-15%.Behind them are expected and the rise of the cost of the meat.Experts also believe that if the ruble falls, food prices will soar even more.
followed by gasoline, rail tickets and food were pulled up and the price of alcohol and tobacco.This is due also to the increase in excise taxes and rising costs of the tax rates for these groups of products.And higher prices for these products are not a one-time - in the middle of the year the prices are a little older.
course, the undisputed leader in the ranking of price increases have been and will be the tariffs for utility services.Only difference is that in the 2012th Rates first lift in the middle of the year - in July.But not in January as usual.Electricity will be more expensive by 3%, gas - 15, and the heat - to 6. However, the surprises do not end there.Literally a couple of months after the first pass and the second increase.